Student Computer Devices


As part of a modern education that incorporates technology into most classrooms, students are required to bring a laptop to school. In 2017, students in Year 12 will be the only students using laptops originally purchased by the College and all other students will be using machines sourced independently or through a recommended reseller following the eCommerce link below.

It is recommended that parents buy laptops through this reseller due to many advantages as outlined  in the document “2017 BYOD Purchasing.pdf” written by Head of Information Technology, Gavin Wiltshire (link below).


Parents will find cheaper laptops on the market compared to the models recommend on the portal, but it is very possible that in the long run costs will become higher due to service issues with inadequate warranties and lack of protection from accidental damage. Students who purchase one of the recommended machines will have the benefit of more onsite support and service at the College.

For parents of students entering into Year 7  in 2017, the cheapest model on the portal will satisfy all needs through to and including Year 9. For students entering into Year 10 in 2017, it is more advisable to purchase the intermediate priced machine because of some subjects requiring greater computer power in the senior years – however, the cheaper machine will still satisfy most needs. For students intending on choosing subjects such as Graphics, Music and Film and TV in the senior years, the most expensive machine should be considered due to the time saved on certain projects. Again, a cheaper machine will do everything, just not as efficiently.

Parents who do not wish to purchase machines from the portal are asked to ensure their child’s laptop has the minimum specifications listed below:

  • Core i3 processor (Intel is recommended)
  • 4GB RAM
  • Wireless N 5GHz (2.4GHz not advised).
  • 250GB Hard Disk Drive or 128GB Solid State Drive (external storage probably required)
  • USB ports
  • Windows 10 operating systems (latest versions always recommended)
  • Up to date Antivirus Software


Technical questions may be directed to Gavin Wiltshire (




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