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College Grounds (includes map)

St Mary’s Catholic College combines a modern learning environment in a range of subject areas with spacious grounds and sporting facilities. Located on Anderson road, Woree, St Mary’s picturesque grounds provide a safe learning environment in the heart of Cairns’ southern suburbs.


Career Education Service

The St Mary’s Catholic College Career Education service assists students to make informed decisions about their current and post-school options. This is supported by the services of a dedicated Career Education Adviser, who is available to provide one-on-one advice to students and their families.

To assist students with the decision-making process, the Career Education program aims to develop:

  • An understanding of student interests, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, values and goals as they relate to work.
  • Knowledge of the world of work, its changing nature, its place in Australian culture and society, expectations of employers and demands of the workplace.
  • An understanding of the knowledge and skills required for career planning and for making career decisions.
  • The ability to implement career decisions.

The Career Education service is available to students at all year levels.

Useful links: QTAC; My Future

Learning Support

St Mary’s Catholic College provides a Learning Support Service that is embedded in the classroom curricula.

Support is offered to students with impairments, specific learning disabilities and/or learning difficulties and to those for whom English is a second language. St Mary’s also has an Indigenous Education Support Officer and committee to develop programs and directions in this area.

St Mary’s Learning Support Service aims to develop independence in students. Learning support teachers and teacher aides provide specialised support so all students may reach their potential as independent young adults.

Learning Support is provided in the form of:

  • Literacy and numeracy tutorials
  • In-class aide support
  • Individual aide support
  • Individual literacy support
  • Indigenous education support
  • Homework support
  • Study / assignment support
  • English as a second language tutorials
  • Professional development sessions for staff
  • Classroom accessibility

Student Counsellor

The Student Counselling service at St Mary’s Catholic College provides students an opportunity to explore their issues in a safe and confidential setting, where they may talk freely and openly.

The Student Counsellor is skilled and trained in listening, to give support and assist with the development of self-understanding.

The counselling process invites students to consider ways of becoming more aware of what is happening in their lives, to explore unconsidered possibilities and opportunities, set goals and develop strategies for change which they may choose to take up.

St Mary’s students are free to make appointments with the Student Counsellor during class time, before and after school, at recess and lunch breaks. If appropriate, referrals may also be made to other agencies for more specialised assistance.

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