Teacher Contact Details

St Mary’s Catholic College encourages open communication between parents and students. We encourage parents to contact teachers with any enquiries or concerns, via direct email or through the St Mary’s office.


Teacher Contact Details
Mrs R Ambrose rambrose@smcc.qld.edu.au Careers Advisor
Mrs S Arnel sarnel@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr J Aitkins jaitkins@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mrs E Baker ebaker@smcc.qld.edu.au Instrumental Music Coordinator
Mr H Bradridge hbradridge@smcc.qld.edu.au Business Manager
Mr D Belton dbelton@smcc.qld.edu.au Assistant Principal, Student Wellbeing
Ms M Boland mboland@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr M Brauer mbrauer@smcc.qld.edu.au Head of Health & Physical Education
Mr J Cahill jcahill@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr T Chapman tchapman@smcc.qld.edu.au Responsible Thinking Process Coordinator
Mr G Collins gcollins@smcc.qld.edu.au School Counsellor
Ms E Cooper ecooper1@smcc.qld.edu.au Librarian
Mrs M Cronin mcronin@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mrs J Cox jcox@smcc.qld.edu.au  The Arts Subject Coordinator
Mr D Cross dcross1@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Ms R Cuskelly rcuskelly@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Ms A Dale adale@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr R Davidson rdavidson@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mrs C Debel cdebel@smcc.qld.edu.au Indigenous Liaison Officer
Miss C Elliot celliot@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Ms L Fitzpatrick lfitzpatri@smcc.qld.edu.au Science Coordinator
Mrs A Frazer afrazer@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr C Free cfree@smcc.qld.edu.au Head of Year 8
Mr P Gates pgates@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mrs L Glenwright lglenwrigh@smcc.qld.edu.au Sports Coordinator
Mr H Graepel hgraepel@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr K Graham kgraham@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Ms J Hallal jhallal@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr J Hanlon jhanlon@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Ms M Headridge mheadridge@smcc.qld.edu.au Head of Year 10
Ms K Heath kheath@smcc.qld.edu.au Head of Religious Education
Mrs M Henwood mhenwood@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr P Hume phume@smcc.qld.edu.au Special Needs/Learning Support Coordinator
Mrs S Kearney skearney@smcc.qld.edu.au LOTE Subject Coordinator
Mrs A Kibby akibby@smcc.qld.edu.au Assistant Principal Administration and Staffing
Mrs A Krause akrause@smcc.qld.edu.au Events & Publicity Program Leader
Mr D Krause dkrause@smcc.qld.edu.au Head of the Arts
Mr J Laudadio jlaudadio@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr N Logan nlogan@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Miss B LoGrande blogrande@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mrs M Lovejoy mlovejoy@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Ms K Lynam klynam@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mrs M Marton mmarton@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr D McInnes dmcinnes@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Ms M McKenna mmckenna@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Ms J Melksham jmelksham@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Ms N Michael nmichael@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr R Muir rmuir@smcc.qld.edu.au Instrumental Music Tutor
Mrs C Neilson cneilson@smcc.qld.edu.au Deputy Principal, Curriculum
Ms G Newman gnewman@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mrs S Nicholls snicholls1@smcc.qld.edu.au Head of English & LOTE
Mr B Nielsen bnielsen@smcc.qld.edu.au Head of Design & Technology
Mrs A O’Grady aogrady@smcc.qld.edu.au Head of Year 7
Mrs B O’Reilly boreilly1@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr M Osberger mosberger@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr C Oxford coxford@smcc.qld.edu.au Head of Mathematics
Mrs T Pickup tpickup@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mrs J Powell jpowell@smcc.qld.edu.au Head of Year 9
Mrs L Prideaux lprideaux@smcc.qld.edu.au Design Technology Subject Coordinator
Mrs E Purdy epurdy@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr M Rattray mrattray@smcc.qld.edu.au Head of Year 12
Mrs A Rayner arayner1@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mrs T Redgwell tredgwell@smcc.qld.edu.au Assistant Principal Mission
Mrs D Rizzato drizzato1@smcc.qld.edu.au School Counsellor
Mrs J Ross jross@smcc.qld.edu.au Head of Humanities
Mrs A Selsby aselsby@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr A Shirvington ashirvingt@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Ms C Smee csmee@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr J Stocker jstocker@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mrs K Tindall ktindall@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mrs H Tutoe htutoe@smcc.qld.edu.au Campus Minister
Mr P Vollugi pvollugi@smcc.qld.edu.au Head of Year 11
Mrs N Warriner nwarriner@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Ms L Welsh lwelsh@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mrs C Wilkinson cwilkinson@smcc.qld.edu.au Trade Training Centre Director
Mr J Will jwill@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr A Winter awinter@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher
Mr W Wood wwood1@smcc.qld.edu.au Principal
Mrs J Wright jwright@smcc.qld.edu.au Classroom Teacher

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