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Archaeology Excursion

Earlier this term, Year 11 and 12 Ancient History students travelled to Townsville to visit the Museum of Tropical Queensland. It was a fantastic opportunity and well worth an overnight trip, with students enjoying dinner out together and a bit of a sleep in, before the Museum opened in the morning.

The group enjoyed the ‘Pandora’ shipwreck exhibition and the opportunity to consider the trickier aspects of maritime archaeology. The Museum generously allowed us to visit their collections in a’ behind the scene’ tour. Students were able to wander the archived shelves and question the Assistant Curator Sophie and Preservations Officer Alison about many of the items. Professional opinions were sought about the topics of repatriation, preservation and curatorial decision making. We spent so long in the ‘basement’ that we were nearly late home!

The Learning Officer was extremely complimentary about our group, commenting that “our group was fantastic and really engaged and that they really enjoyed having them come through.”

Here are some comments by senior students about their experience: 

Being able to touch and learn about artefacts opened my eyes to the past of my local communities and their culture...

... the museum staff ... gave us great insight to some of artefacts as well as their perspective on repatriation ... it was a great experience!

... seeing how much the ladies loved their job was very inspiring.

From the science exhibit, to the paleontology exhibit and the fascinating HMS Pandora exhibit, the museum had us exploring and learning new things. However, the highlight was the back of house tour where we were given the chance to explore the museum's collection ... it was an exciting learning opportunity.

Thank you to Mr Bernie Wagner for driving the bus. We will continue to make this experience a ‘must do’ in senior Ancient History.


Ms Leigh Baldwin

Senior Ancient History Teacher

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