Assistant Principal - Student Wellbeing

The College has been on a constant mission of lifting uniform standards over the years with the introduction of new uniforms this year and the evolution of expectations including boys tucking in shirts and now pulling up socks. In the last few weeks we introduced a visual cue to trigger students into thinking about and then making appropriate adjustments to their uniform (the assurance of detention provided that extra incentive to make that trigger occur). The success of that initiative is an indicator that our students are generally respectful and proud of their College, but old habits need a constant conscious effort to change. Please talk to your children about the Red Warden’s Hat – a light hearted tool to help make an adjustment. The way students wear their uniforms are an indicator of discipline, pride, and respect. In my view, we are going from strength to strength and it is satisfying to be a part of it.

As many people would be aware, I am taking the rest of 2019 off on leave. I have been in my current role for about seven years now, and it is time to step aside to contemplate life, make repairs to my house, visit my grandson, and try new things. Several parents have passed on their affirming sentiments to me, and I am humbled and pleased to hear that the work of our Pastoral Team is appreciated outside of the school grounds. St Mary’s is very important to me and I know I leave this role in very capable and experience hands in the form of James Roberts who has the painstaking task of relocating six feet into the Student Wellbeing Office with its external door for students to visit all through the day.

Now it is time for me to work out how to make one of those “Out of the Office” alerts when someone tries to send me an email!

Best regards

Doug Belton

Assistant Principal - Student Wellbeing

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