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On Sunday 28th April, Missio Dei had the honour of serving the community by looking after one of the Aid Station for the 7 Cairns Marathon Running Festival.  It was a very early start for all of us, but we all enjoyed being there cheering the College community on as well as all the other runners.  St Mary’s was well presented at the event.  Event like this will not have been possible without the good will of parents/caregivers and students. 

To all our wonderful parents/caregivers, thank you for allowing your child to volunteer their time to serve the community.  Your ‘YES’ has allowed us to do this and be part of this event.  Please be proud of your child as I am for they were all wonderful from the word go.  They serve with joy, dignity and love.  The runners cannot stop thanking them as they run pass.  Some even stopped to dance to the music played from our St Mary’s tent.  May God continue to bless you all in all that you do.

To the following students, the College and I are so proud of you all for your willingness to serve.   Your ‘YES’ made this day possible.  We are so blessed here at St Mary’s to have students like yourself who loves to be a missio (mission) to others receiving no materialistic things in returned. You serve because you love to serve.  Thank you all.  May the Holy Spirit continue to inspire you to do great things in the future.

AHIO Winnie

ANI Aneena


CARR Hayden




MIDGLEY Savannah

NOBY Nikita







PHAN Duong

SEE KEE Kacheyah

SEE KEE Sachin

WARD Tianu


Finally, my sincerest thanks go out to the Papa Michael family (Michael and Janine).  I cannot have run this day without your support.  Thank you for supervising the second shift as well as packing everything up at the end.  Thank you!  May God bless your family always.


On Thursday 9th May, Missio Dei arrived at school at 7am to decorate the staff room and set out goodies for all staff to celebrate Mother’s Day.  

Thank you to all those in Missio Dei and their wonderful parents for supporting their child in their endeavour to do something wonderful for all staff to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Special thank you to Mrs Janine Papa Michael for all her help.

This is one of the service goal Missio Dei wishes to achieve this term.  Well done Missio Dei! Once again, thank you Missio Dei for being a missio in your daily life.


"We received this world as an inheritance from past generations, but also as a loan from future generations, to whom we will have to return it!” ~ Pope Francis

Did you know;

  • 14 billion pounds(6B Kg.) of garbage are dumped into the ocean every year. Most of it is
  • Aluminium can be recycled continuously. 1 recycled aluminium save enough energy to run our TVs for at least 3 hours. 80 trillion aluminium cans are used by humans every year.
  • When you throw plastic bags and other plastic materials in the ocean, it kills as many as 1 million sea creatures annually.
  • A glass bottle made in our time will take more than 4,000 years to decompose.

Scary facts indeed.  Our planet has suffered tremendously because of our actions.  We produced and manufactured materials that at the time we didn’t know will have this effect, but now we do.  The question is then– What can we do? 

At St Mary’s we believe in ‘action’, we believe in being a ‘missio’ in our everyday life.  We believe that in order to improve our environment to what it once was is by taking small steps to make a difference, from education to changing the way we think to imploring ways to be transformative.   Albert Einstein once said “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Every small action we commit ourselves to will make a difference in our effort to preserve our world for future generations which includes our children, their children and their descendants.

Missio Dei Youth Group, together with the Junior Prefects and Mrs Turnour have started a ‘Recycled Project’ here at the College.  The money raised through this Project will go towards Caritas which is a Catholic Agency for International Aid and Development, which supports emergency aid and grassroots programs in over 200 countries and territories.  Project Compassion is our major fundraiser during Lent (term 1) which is a part of Caritas.

No projects will be successful without the help of the College.  We are certainly very lucky here at St Mary’s to have staff and students who supports this.  So, thank you St Mary’s!  From now until the end of week 5 will be a trial week.  So, I would like to thank the Pastoral Groups of Mrs Cuskelly, Ms Anderson, Ms Zappala, and Mrs Van Hooydonk together with Missio Dei Youth Group for looking after the recycle bins until then.  


“The Sacraments are the manifestation of the Father’s tenderness and love towards each of us.”

St Mary offers Sacramental Programmes to any students who would like to be baptised, received Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.  Lessons will be run at breaks during school here in the College.  I will be conducting the Sacramental Programme with the help and direction of our College Chaplain, Fr Martin Kenny.

The Sacramental Programme will commence on Friday week 4 in the Chapel at Lunch and every week after that (excluding school holidays) Monday at lunch, Wednesday at recess and Friday at lunch all held in the College Chapel (F7).

Parents/caregivers if you would like your child to receive one, two, three or all four of the sacraments mentioned above please contact Ms Helena via email ( with the following information;

  • your child’s full name and Year level.
  • which sacrament/s you would like for them to receive.
  • If your child has already been baptised, please attached their baptism certificate even if the baptism was celebrated outside the Catholic Church.
  • include any queries that you may have.

Please note that your child must be baptise first in order to receive the other three sacraments.  Baptism and Reconciliation to receive the other two sacraments (First Communion & Confirmation).

All Sacraments will be part of our St Mary’s Day Mass Celebration in Term 3, week 5.  Families are warmly invited to join us for this Mass. 

“God is always coming to you in the Sacrament of the Present Moment. Meet and receive Him there with gratitude in that sacrament.”




Where: Mueller Performing Arts Centre (MPAC), Rothwell, BRISBANE

When:  Thursday 26th  September to Sunday 29th September 2019

Travel Time:  Wednesday 25th September and Monday 30th September.

Dear Parents/caregivers,

In the last College Connect Newsletter I wrote an expression of interest article to the Ignite Conference to be held during the September school holiday from Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th September.  Please find below the same article for your information.

Students have expressed their interest in attending IGNITE.  The next step now, is for you (parents/caregiver) to please send Ms Helena an email with your child’s name to  It is very important that you read the commitment (article below) students must adhere to.  These commitments are in place to help with their formation, strengthen their relationship with each other, preparing them for what they will encounter at the conference but most of all it is for their holistic growth.

One of the growths each student will come away with is being empowered to be a witness who will have a great impact on the college community, local and in the world.

Friday 10th May (Week 3), Term 2 will be the final day for any students who wishes to be a part of the St Mary’s Catholic College group attending Ignite. A gentle reminder, only students in Year 9 – Year 12 are eligible for this event.

With profound greetings to you all.  May the Resurrection of our Lord transform us into something extraordinary that will make a difference in our everyday life.  May His love and His peace fill your hearts, your lives, your homes and your families.




What are you doing during the September holiday?

Not sure yet?

What if I told you something of interest? Something that will positively inspire you to be a person well informed about topics that matter, experience the joy of being part of something meaningful and exciting?

If so, keep on reading and I guarantee you leadership, inspiration, transformation, fullness, joyous environment, mission and much more.

What is it?

Ignite Conference 2019

When:  Thursday September 26th 2019 - Sunday September 29th 2019

Where:  Mueller Performing Arts Centre, Rothwell, Redcliffe, Brisbane


Students participating in this event will be;

  • Part of a group that builds and promote personal and spiritual growth.
  • Part of a dynamic and empowering event.
  • Part of a group that respects each other.
  • Part of a group that support each other’s journey of self-discovery.
  • Learning how to be a good and positive leader
  • Formed new and lasting friendship.
  • Part of a group that nurture each other’s belief.
  • Part of an event that allows you to experience workshops on topic which affects all of us in our life journey.

Still interested and like to find out more information?  Then continue reading…

Ignite Conference is a national contemporary Catholic youth conference held annually in Brisbane. It allows you to meet with over 1500 other young people, ministry leaders, teachers, parents, priests and religious leaders. Over the three days you will experience live bands and presentations by some of Australia's leading Catholic speakers with sessions on topics such as leadership, justice, mission, culture and prayer.  This event caters for people from all walks of life.

Since the first conference in 2001, the Ignite Conference has grown to become one of the most significant initiatives in the areas of evangelisation and formation of young people in Australia. It has drawn people from every state of Australia as well as international participants from countries like New Zealand, Canada, the USA, Ireland, East Timor, Thailand, Malaysia and The Philippines.

St Mary’s Catholic College is aiming to take a group this year to experience the Ignite Conference. The group will join with The Reach Youth Group.  See the attachment for more information about Reach Youth Group.


It is important that students who wish to attend, commit themselves to the ongoing formation at St Marys; in order to be aware and open to the gift, experience and encounter that will occur before, during and after the Ignite Conference. We aim to build positive relationships where student’s spiritual needs are met with love and respect. 

The Ignite conference is open to Year 9 - Year 12 students.  Students who wish to attend are expected to be part of the ongoing formation at St Marys by committing (but not limited to) the list below;

  • Attend Missio Dei - Thursday 2pm-3.30pm
  • Attend Reach Youth Group - commitments starting Term 2
  • Committed to attend/participate at fundraising events
  • Committed to attend/participate Reach Youth Group event e.g. camp/retreat
  • Committed to attend lead up formation events run by Reach Youth Group and Ms Helena Tutoe


We will commit to fundraising to lower costs for families, please be aware that there will be cost for students attending this event. Our hope is that we fundraise a large portion of the money needed for the event.

The approximate cost for the event will be between $700 to $910. This includes registration, airfares to and from Brisbane, accommodation (budget), all meals and transportation around Brisbane.

More Information:

If any students in Year 9 to Year 12 wish to be part of this exciting, dynamic and empowering event please see Ms Helena in her office during recess and lunch.

Parents if you wish to find out more information, please contact me through our front office on 4044 4200 or through email

You can also visit this link to find out more information -

Will you be you be part of this amazing journey?

Helena Tutoe

Campus Minister

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