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The official number of students playing at TAS this term in the finals was 363. Eleven of these students were from St Mary’s Catholic College. Our school bus travelled over the highway with five young players and Ms Lisa Galvin from SGM on Tuesday 28th May.

A new influx of students for this competition at St Mary’s gave way to a female dominance for our school. We had 2 teams that were female (Wolf Pack and Bishops) and one of male players (The Saints).

The standards set by our major team The Saints was nothing to be trifled with. The Bishops battled fierce opponents to win 7 games. The Wolf Pack team savaged their opponents to get 9.5 games and The Saints won 17.5 games out of a possible 28.

George Mathew and Adam Karamujic won 5 games each. Gabriel Wood won a meritable 4.5 games out of 7.

Awards were given to Adam, George and Gabriel from Gardiner chess at the end of the day.

Angel Lui won 4 games,

Monique Bessant 3.5,

Hyun Seo Kim and Joe David Mathew each won 3 games,

Shanon Ngunz  and Evabelle Mark each won 2.5 games.

Krystal Galinato was awarded her final game, and Asnath Mufambali also won a game.

All gave a concerted effort to help St Mary’s achieve more points and team spirit in an effort to confront term 3 playoffs that can give the winning team an opportunity to attend the State Championships in Brisbane, held in term 4.

Kind regards

Richard Davidson

Science Teacher / Maths Teacher / Chess Coordinator

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