eLearning Update

The ICT Skills website has been established to assist students, parents and staff in navigating through some of the digital infrastructure St Mary’s utilise.

The website will be frequently updated with new walkthroughs that aim to provide direction that have students and staff confident with a software feature within 5 minutes.

Students and staff are encouraged to email the helpdesk@cns.catholic.edu.au or myself jhallal@cns.catholic.edu.au if there is something that they would like to learn how to do, or if they have encountered an error with any of the instructions provided.

The ICT Skills website is accessible by the student, parent and staff portals. Clicking on the below application logo on the portal will direct you to the site. Otherwise you can visit the site directly via the link




Have fun growing your Digital Literacy!

Jessica Hallal

eLearning Coordinator


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