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St Mary’s paused to honour the spirit of the fallen ANZACs with a liturgy on 24th April. The liturgy involved many members of the St Mary’s community. Airforce cadets stood on parade and guarded the flag, Dakoda Hull and Tyrese Herewini gave the acknowledgement of country, particularly recognizing the role played by Indigenous servicemen and servicewomen.  Sarah Jegou and Khobi Evans led the service, representatives from all year levels read the prayers of intersession, the College Choir sang “Danny Boy” and Mr Ron Muir played the Last Post and Rouse on a WWI cornet.

St Mary’s was also very fortunate to again have a very special Australian, Brigadier George Mansford [AO], delivering the main address “How best should we honour the ANZACS?”.   He spoke passionately about the spirit forged on the shores of Gallipoli and ways in which our students, today’s youth, can show such spirit, in everyday ways. The Brigadier encouraged us to embrace the Australian Spirit baptized by ANZAC and believe in the battle cry ‘We are as one”.

Below is an email received from the Brigadier following our liturgy:  

"Once more, such a moving service conducted within the College.

Yet again I was very moved by the choir, so beautiful and such a powerful theme.

I did give the Choir a thumbs up as I left but a message of thanks to all your students and Staff is far more appropriate and so deserving. 

Would you be kind enough to pass on my congratulations to all who participated, including the selected youngsters who all spoke so well during the Service. They were very impressive as were the RAAF Cadets standing tall and proud and not forgetting an attentive and disciplined audience.  

Finally, a further salute to the Choir for a such a magnificent performance, their mentor and others who helped to train the choir which gave such a beautiful performance. The rendition of Danny Boy brought a tear to my eyes and no doubt as well to many an ANZAC Spirit listening from afar. 

Like me, I have no doubt that our fallen and all those who have since joined them would be very proud of such an outstanding generation of youth who wear the motto of your college, and who in a short time will carry our nation’s beloved torch so proudly."

George Mansford 

A big thank-you to all involved. 

Janet Ross

Head of Humanities


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