Year 11 Modern History

Students in Year 11 Modern History are currently studying the Australian Indigenous Rights Movement since 1967.  They participated in a workshop with acclaimed Aboriginal artist Judith Jenuarrie Warrie.   Last year, her work lit the sails of Sydney Opera House, projected nightly on to one of Australia’s most iconic structures at sunset as part of water light show Badu Gili.  She has spoken internationally, featured in countless publications and served on state and federal committees, raising the profile of other artists while developing a career of her own.  Jenuarrie enriched the students understanding of Indigenous culture and her experiences as a strong Aboriginal woman.  Members of the school community can enjoy her book Gift of Knowledge: the Selected works of Jenuarrie, ‘Koinjmal Woman’ which is now in the SMCC library. 

Year 9 History


Australia’s role in World War 1 (1914-1918) is a key topic of the Year 9 program.  The class studied the challenges of trench warfare, Gallipoli landing and war on the home front.  Through the use of an Australian War Memorial Box, the students layered their learning experiences with hands-on analysis of primary sources from the conflict. 

Year 8 Humanities


Buy low, sell high!  A simulation game which replicates world markets enabled Year 8 Humanites students to apply skills learned in Business Studies.  Teams of students were provided with basic resources to establish small-scale factories.  A World Market Exchange enabled buying and selling of products and resources through a series of business cycles.  Students learned the value of teamwork, interpersonal skills and organisational management. 

Year 7 Humanities


A busy semester culminated in the Year 7 Humanities students participating in a mock federal election.  Students formed political parties, nominated leaders and ran very successful campaigns.  The campaign managers presented the candidates at a Town Hall meeting where the voters had a chance to hear speeches and ask questions.  Voting by secret ballot resulted in a minority government!

Naomi Warriner

Humanities Teacher

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