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I am very excited to announce that our library will re-open in Week 1, Term 3. The refurbishment looks sensational! Library and College Maintenance staff will be moving all of the resources and equipment back into the new space over the school holidays.


Each of the areas inside the library have been named for their intended purpose:-

Small Meeting Room – named CONNECT – this room is designed for meetings and student learning of less than six people

Large Meeting Room – named CONFERENCE – this room is designed for small classes, exams, learning support use, lunchtime clubs (could seat up to 10 people) 

Classroom 1 – named CREATE – this room contains a wall of storage cabinets and is designed for makerspace style class use, lunchtime & after school club use, contains whiteboard/writable surfaces on the walls and tables in this room. This room has a projector as well as four TV monitors which are located on the side walls. 

Classroom 2 – named COLLABORATE – this room contains a mobile TV monitor as well as four TV monitors which are located on the side walls, tables and chairs can be easily moved for various use and room layout, contains whiteboard writable surfaces on walls and tables in this room. 

Large Open Space – named COMMUNITY – this open space contains a variety of seating from large and small tables and chairs, ottomans, padded window seats, booths and bench seating. This space can be used for a variety of purposes. This open space has our book collection weaving in out in custom built cabinetry.


During Week 1, Term 3 all students will have the opportunity to come through the library as part of a Library Tour during one of their English lessons.


The link below is to a Library Behaviour Expectations document which clearly outlines what will be the rules for our new library space. Please take a few moments to read this document to understand the expectations and any changes that have been made to past arrangements. This document has been recently shared with students via email.

During Week 1 the library won’t be open during break times or before school, only for after school study.

From Week 2 onwards the library will be back to normal operations and will be open every day 7.30-4.30pm.  Senior students can use the library for quiet study during first break and all students can use the library at second break.

I look forward to sharing this new library space with staff and students next term! We are also planning a Community Viewing which will allow parents and members of the community to view this new and very exciting library space. Information will be advertised shortly regarding this event.

Kind regards

Eloise Harnett


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