On Friday 1st November eight St Mary's Students participated in Mathscraft, a fun day full of problem solving and working like a mathematician. Mathscraft is a day run by ACEMS. It was a day to do math like research mathematicians. St Mary's Hosted it and we were lucky enough to meet a real mathematician there to help us!

Sophie Worsnop

Year 9 student

On Friday 1st November, 28 keen Year 8 math students from  six different school in the district got together to attend the inaugural Year 8 Mathscraft day organized by the local QAMT. Mathscraft is a program developed and sponsored by ACEMS (Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers).  Students get to work like a mathematician on problems. The day was also attended by Dr Shaun Belward a mathematician from JCU. Shaun worked with the students and helped them.

Students worked in groups of four on problems. Some of the feedback was lots of possibilities to solve a problem, learning something new, working together as a group to solve a problem and doing mathematics differently from the classroom environment.

Great way for students to see mathematics in a different light.

Anja van Hooydonk

Mathematics Teacher

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