Opti-MINDS State Finals 2019

This year, St Mary’s Opti-MINDS Team “C.A.I.I.M Initiative” was invited to the nationals competition after placing second place at the regionals event in August. Leading up to the nationals event on the 12 – 13th October, the team had to prepare for the Opti-Vision Youth Forum on Saturday. This forum allowed all the teams to present an idea to answer the question: “What is one idea or change that your team believes will help create a future that you would like to see? The C.A.I.I.M Initiative worked on an idea to make Australia’s government funding better quality by increasing tax but making sure that money is spent on what the people want. 

The team was quite happy with the feedback received from other team members, supporting the amount of effort put into the idea. On the Sunday the pressure set in. The team was given three hours to prepare a presentation to justify whether a hypothetical app named, “WISY” would positively affect Australia. The C.A.I.I.M Initiative did well with this challenge, receiving very positive feedback from the audience and judges. 

They also faced a spontaneous challenge to creatively identify three things that resemble hope. Our team was not as successful with this challenge as they ran out of time before being able to record their response. Although our team did not take any place or win an honours award, each and every member are still proud and thankful for being given such an amazing opportunity. 

We look forward to what next year's Opti-MINDS challenge will bring St Mary's. 


Ethan Stingel 

Year 10

The Opti-MINDS team “The C.A.I.I.M Initiative” was made up of the following students: Ethan Stingel, Imogen Harris, Aryan Nair, Thomas Mehes and Connor McCulloch. They are a terrific group of young people to work with. I want to congratulate them on the work they did in the finals. 

Mrs van Hooydonk


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