To our St Mary’s community,


“In short, there are three things that last: Faith, Hope and Love”. 1 Co 13:13

At St Mary’s the words Faith, Hope and Love have become part of the vernacular, the culture and even the identity of our school. The three words draw out the essence of our Vision and Mission Statements: to be people of faith; to be people of hope; and to be people who love.

 At our recent assembly, I spoke to students about the importance of nurturing our sense of community. Community is not developed just because we come together to learn. Our Community does not become united just because we share similar needs. What really unites us is not “what” we do every day, it is “how” we do go about our work……in Faith, Hope and Love.

Faith… is our attitude of trust. Our trust in God. Our trust in others. Our belief in the people around us.

Hope… is our confidence. Our confidence in God. Our confidence in ourselves. Our confidence in the future. It is through our hard work that we develop a hopeful future.

Love… is an action. Our commitment to God. Our care for ourselves. Our care for others. It defines how we relate to others.

If these things are important to us at St Mary’s, where is it exemplified in the day to day life of our College? How does the culture of ‘Faith Hope & Love’ show itself in the classroom, the playground, on the bus? More importantly, a single individual is enough for faith, hope and love to exist, and that individual can be you…. faith, hope and love begin with you.

At St Mary’s we do not need to look far for inspiration. At the end of the day the real source of our identity is Mary herself. Mary was a woman who exemplified tremendous faith, hope and love. If we follow her example of love and service, we can truly begin to appreciate these three gifts.

God Bless

Wayne Wood


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