To our St Mary’s community,

In a few weeks St Mary’s will host our annual Open Night. This will be an opportunity for families to gain a genuine insight into the environment and offering of our College. We are thrilled to be seeing noticeable increases in the number of families attending our Open Night as they discern one of the most important decisions they will make concerning their child’s growth and development.

I know this can be an anxious time for parents as they navigate the many options we are fortunate to have in Cairns. Whether it is co-ed or single sex, Catholic, State or Independent, large or small, educations offerings, pedagogy, facilities, co-curricular offerings… parents have much to consider!

I often say to parents that this decision is made as much, if not more, with the heart and from the gut. My wife and I have had to make this decision once with our eldest and will do so again in a few years’ time when our youngest two are ready for secondary school.

First and foremost, our decision centred around wanting to have our child educated in the practice of our Catholic faith. We also wanted a school that would know our child well and care for them in a safe and encouraging environment. We wanted a school that would challenge our child academically and encourage him towards his potential as a learner. We hoped that there would be breadth of co-curricular opportunities that he would connect with while also connecting with his school. For us, it was important that our child be in a school that is focussed on developing a sense of community, where he felt he belonged and could make a positive contribution to the life of the school.

I believe St Mary’s does this. At the same time, I know there is room for improvement and I am constantly encouraged and inspired by St Mary’s staff who continue to work hard to make St Mary’s even better. I am particularly proud of the range of co-curricular activities and opportunities our students have at St Mary’s. I wish to acknowledge our St Mary’s staff for their commitment as they continue to give generously of their time and energy so that our students can succeed.

I choose to write about these things this week to remind our community of the incredible benefits of involvement in the co-curricular life of St Mary’s. I challenge every student to work hard and get involved in the life of our College through the many opportunities available to them.  

God Bless

Wayne Wood




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