Year 8 Health

It is estimated that 96% of adolescents do not eat the recommended serve of fruit, vegetables, beans & legumes on a daily basis.

With an aim to improve the overall health of the students at St. Mary’s, the Year 8 Health Program is designed to develop the personal skills of kids so they can critically analyse their food choices and begin to feel confident cooking in the kitchen. With each meal that was designed, the students had a ‘Meal Mental Checklist’ to keep in mind: Does my meal have ‘Colours, Protein, Carbohydrates & Fats?’

Using this checklist, classes create meals which contain at least four vegetables, look appealing and suitable for sale at the Tuckshop.

I am very impressed with the creativity and skills of the students participating in this program.

Nicole Michael

Maths, Science & Health Teacher

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