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St Mary’s Catholic College is a member of the Trinity Coast South (TCS) sporting district that conducts numerous trials for representative teams during the year. 

At these trials students can be selected to then go on to the Peninsula regional trials encompassing all schools in our region. To be eligible to trial for TCS, students must be enrolled at St Mary’s and born in 2007 to be in the under 12 age group. To be eligible to trial for TCS, students must be enrolled at St Mary’s and aged between 10 – 19 years.

It is the student’s responsibility for knowing when these trials will occur. Students are made aware of upcoming trials through Portal announcements. District calendars are located on our College Portal and can also be found on the Peninsula School Sport website and TCS has their own Facebook page.

Students should print a copy of the consent form and Peninsula paperwork (Medical and Project Consent form), one week prior to the trials. The consent form and Peninsula paperwork must be completed and signed by a parent/ guardian as well as signed by the approved district sport delegate (located in M3) to attend the district sport trial. All paperwork is then to be given to the coach at the trial.  The Principal’s signature and school stamp are only required once the student is selected in the District team to attend the Peninsula trials.

Students will not be chased to nominate for sports or reminded about consent forms and Peninsula paperwork.

Students are only required to nominate for sports that call for paper nominations. This is so numbers can be finalised and sent off to the District Trials Convenor.  If it is not a paper nomination, students are required to complete the process outlined above.

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