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School Fees Reminder

Please note that the Term 2 College fees and levies were due for payment on Friday 24th May. Thank you for your payment of these school fees.

Unless alternative arrangements are in place (e.g. periodic Direct Debits, approved repayment plans, approved concession arrangements etc.), Term 2 fees should now be paid. If you have periodic repayments in place, please ensure the amount you are currently paying, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly will cover your 2019 fees, by the end of November.

The payment of school fees and levies is an important component of the income of the College. The College relies on these payments, in order to provide the high quality education enjoyed by your child/ren.

In situations where there is genuine family financial hardship, please contact the College and your circumstances will be treated in the strictest confidence. Meeting with us to discuss your particular situation is a positive way for you to address the matter going forward.

If you have any queries or concerns about the payment of College fees, please contact the College on 4044 4200, or email:

Thank you

Hugh Bradridge

Business Manager


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