Pastoral Care

St Mary’s Heads of Years work closely with teachers, our Counsellors, Heads of Departments and parents/carers to provide a safe, supporting and nurturing environment.

The Heads of Years primary role is to oversee the personal development and well-being of the students. Through this commitment to student well-being, our Heads of Years and teachers work toward supporting students to make positive choices, to develop self-respect and respect for others, to engage with and relate to others, to find fulfilment in creativity and contribution and to learn to deal with life’s adversities.

Our students participate in camps and retreats whereby individual leadership qualities are nurtured and developed in line with our social and emotional learning program.

St Mary’s believes the partnership between school and home is fundamental in ensuring your child’s educational experience is positive and enriching. Parents are regularly invited to participate in the life of the College through attending assemblies and special events, being involved in the Family Connect and participating in scheduled parent teacher interviews.

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