Mary, the Mother of God

The College is named after our Patron Saint – Mary, the Mother of God. One of our distinctive features is to model the courage of Mary – the courage to say ‘yes’.

The Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady occurs on the 15th of August and celebrates when according to our faith, the Holy Mother, “having completed her course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory.”

Each year we celebrate as a College, with a whole day dedicated to reflection, fun and community. The day begins with a whole College Mass that reflects on the life of St Mary and her courage to say “yes”. Students wear their house shirt and spend the day in activities and fun organised by dedicated teachers who give regular count-down updates to such a huge celebration. The day ends with a show that highlights the talents of students and teachers.

 This is a wonderful day of community that both staff and students create memories of their time at the College. The date is published each year and all families are most welcome to attend.


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