Important information: Coronavirus

30 January 2020

Queensland Health has updated its advice to schools regarding the Coronavirus. Although Queensland Health says the risk to the Australian public is still relatively low it has recommended increased safety measures.

The key advice is that any staff or students who have visited China (including Hong Kong) must not attend school and should self isolate at home (which means staying at home and not accepting visitors) for 14 days after leaving China. This advice also covers visitors to schools including parents and caregivers.

 Queensland Health has also emphasised the importance of general hygiene at this critical time:

“Practising good hand and respiratory hygiene may help protect against infections. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing with a tissue, or cough into your elbow, dispose of the tissue into a bin and then wash your hands afterwards. Wash your hands regularly, after using the toilet, and before eating”

It is important that all schools take action consistent with this advice. The safety and wellbeing of our staff, students, and the wider community is paramount.

Further information on the current advice is provided through this link:

We will provide further advice as it comes to hand. There is a great deal of public discussion and media coverage regarding the Coronavirus. We must ensure that all our actions are consistent with the best advice coming from national and Queensland health authorities.

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