Benefits of VET

How will a VET pathway benefit your child?

Features of VET Pathway Benefits to the Student
Develop Employability Skills Demonstrates hands on work skills that improves confidences in students own capabilities and builds the foundation for students to explore the potential career path they would like to pursue post year 12.
Provide a clear pathway to Higher Education/ University Students can go directly to University if they meet the prerequisites and score cut-off for the program or alternatively they may prefer to articulate into many Diploma courses at TAFE or Private RTOs which have established articulation arrangements with some Queensland Universities like; Australian Catholic University, Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology and James Cook University.
Develop and improve communication, interpersonal and teamwork skills Develops confidence in communicating with peers and adults in a supported environment.
Attainment of a QCE Studying through a VET pathway provides credit points towards the attainment of a QCE.
Attainment of a Certificate II or Certificate III or higher nationally recognised qualification delivered by industry professionals Improved literacy and numeracy essential for life-long learning.
Obtain practical experience from work placement Develops emotional intelligence and appreciation of multiple viewpoints particularly in relation to team work within a specific workplace.
Earning or Learning Supports young people’s transitions to employment, vocational and higher education pathways.

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